Video: Peyton Hillis Takes Charles Godfrey’s Cornbread


If you are Godfrey, how do you look your girlfriend, mistress or wife in the eye this evening?

I appreciate the effort, but you can’t have a man take your cornbread like this.  Granted Hillis is not human, but still—if you are going to run into Superman, make sure you have some kryptonite.

Every year, there are a few running backs who come out of nowhere to take the NFL by storm and Hillis is single handily is going to win some fantasy football championships.

He is developing into a cult figure in Cleveland.

Next thing you know, Cleveland fans will be calling him King Hillis.



  1. I can’t remember where I read if but some have started calling him “The Avalanche.” He’s big, white, likes to go downhill & leaves bodies in his path.

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