Video: Roy Williams Fumble Leads To Cowboys Lost Against Saints

I don’t know Roy Williams personally.

When I don’t know someone personally and nothing they do off the field raises a red flag, I give them the benefit of the doubt they are a decent individual.

It isn’t Roy’s fault he was drafted very high and received a ton of money.

It isn’t Roy’s fault the Cowboys were swindled in trade with the Lions for him.

Sidenote: when you are getting swindled in trades by the Lions, that is the sign your front office might need some restructuring.

It isn’t Roy’s fault that after the Cowboys were swindled, they gave him a ton of money.

Now that that is out of the way, just know one thing:


Similar to how no team with Vince Carter on their squad can ever be taken seriously as a title contender, no team with Roy Williams should ever expect to be in the Super Bowl.

The interesting thing is Roy has shown signs of life this year and in the series before his fateful play— he made what I thought was one of the better plays of his career.

He was jammed hard on the line of scrimmage, fell down, got up quickly and made a fingertip catch. It was the type of catch you would expect out of Wes Welker not Roy Williams.

Just when I was ready to give him props, the curse popped up.

The rest they say is history.

Good news for Cowboys fans is they won’t have to worry about Roy being around next year— he will be taking his cursing talents elsewhere.

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