Video: Rudy Gay Game Winning Shot Over Lebron James

People have been jumping off the Heat Bandwagon faster than NBA players canceling double dates with Tony Parker.

I think Heat fans (there are only a few true Heat fans) should just drink a capri sun and take a deep breath. There is no need to panic yet.

No matter how many games the Heat lose in the regular season it doesn’t matter, only thing that matters is the playoffs.

The one problem the Heat have is while they want to “chill” every other team in the NBA want to rip their head off Mortal Kombat style.

Check out Rudy Gay running around the court like he was on Maury with a Memphis stripper and found out he was not the father.

The Heat have to be able to match other teams intensity especially if they want to secure home court in the playoffs.

Less chilling and wearing “jeggings” and a little more focus on the court needed for the South Beach NWO.

3 thoughts on “Video: Rudy Gay Game Winning Shot Over Lebron James

  • I know it is relatively early in the NBA season, but the Heat are not playing with consistency or urgency. They do not completely understand that teams on a night-to-night basis want to come to the arena and kick their behinds!!!!!! Bron thinks he plays too many minutes. Bosh thinks he plays too many minutes and wants to chill while the head coach wants to work. I don't see this as a team that is going to be ready to contend against the very best the league has to offer, like the Celts and Lakers. I don't see the hunger for championships like I see in LA, Boston or even San Antonio, who has gotten off to a great start. Until I see them being able to match the intensity the very best in the league can bring, a title won't be coming to South Beach this summer.

  • Well LeBron you can see that he wasnt lookin good that game he wasnt in his prime let him get over all his stress and you'll see LeBron is the best player in the NBA in my eyes

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