Video: Santonio Holmes Game Winning Overtime TD Against The Browns


It is hard to get on a player for making a play and that is all that Joe Haden was doing when he maybe a very nice INT close to the end of overtime.

He made that INT while covering Braylon Edwards who for all his big talk this week was a non factor.

Unfortunately the INT pinned the Browns so deep in their own territory it gave Jets one last shot for victory and they made sure they took advantage of it.

Mark Sanchez played exceptional under pressure on the road here is just one of the amazing plays he made down the stretch.

In the end Santonio Holmes a former Buckeye put the stake in the Dawg Pound’s heart.

All is not lost though Brown’s fan Colt McCoy appears to be the real deal and if so, there is hope for the future, but for now this will e a bitter pill to swallow.


  1. Bad way for the Browns to lose a game. Their fans can take solace in that McCoy is a player at QB. Santonio just made a heck of a play close to the end of overtime. Sanchez is getting more clutch week after week. Are Rob and Rex Ryan twins? I never knew they looked that much alike.

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