Video: Bills WR Steve Johnson Drops Game Winning TD in OT..Blames God

You remember Steve Johnson.

Last week he went off against the Bengals for three touchdowns and the “Why So Serious” celebration.

This week, he wasn’t as successful.

He dropped five passes, but none bigger than this one. The Bills had played their heart out taking the Steelers into the overtime.

Johnson runs a beautiful route and is wide open, but he does the one thing all wide receivers are taught not to do. He didn’t look the ball all the way in.

Was he thinking about his TD celebration?

<a href=";from=IV2_en-us_foxsports_articles" target="_new" title="Johnson distraught after loss">Video: Johnson distraught after loss</a>

The fact he still goes by Stevie and rocks a Mohawk I willing overlook, but plays like these are the reason the Bills stay losing.

In a classic “moist” reaction Johnson blames God for him dropping the pass.

Get a grip man, why so serious? This is why some athletes shouldn’t have twitter, they don’t think before they tweet. Maybe God was telling you to look the ball in before thinking about how you were going to one up Ocho Cinco this week.

Perfect example of a player who was caught up in their press clippings and didn’t prepare properly for the week and it showed on the field.

Pic courtesy of @DatDude4

8 thoughts on “Video: Bills WR Steve Johnson Drops Game Winning TD in OT..Blames God

  • What a joke. Just admit that you fucked up. I cant stand athletes who blame or praise the Lord after each play. Trust me he/she has nothing to do with the final result of sporting events.

  • Dude, If your such a good Christian and Praise God 24/7 as you say you do then READ JOB cause it was'nt GOD that made you miss the ball!!!!!!! Be Thankful for what God gave you ya whiner!!!!!!!!!!

  • Here we go with the 'it ain't be my fault' low life cry baby whinning excuses. You forgot to blame The Man, society, and poor schools.

  • Idiots with Twitter accounts. Makes you wonder if someone on the Steelers prayed for Johnson to drop the ball, and Johnson prayed to catch it, whose prayer does he listen to?

    That was a trick question. Case and point: Johnson is an idiot.

  • Not everytime you make a mistake or something negative happens means it is God's fault. Blaming God means you dont believe in all the blessings that he has already given you including the gift of playing football. Humble yourself and pray that he will help you get through whatever challenges are in your way and that you believe that though him anything is possible. You should praise him 24/7. He should recieve your prace if you believe in him. You also should remember that there are more important things than football.

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