Vikings Wide Receiver Bernard Berrian Gets Salty On Twitter

It is Bernard Berrian’s right as an American to voice his frustrations via twitter.

If that is what he wants to do more power to him, tweet away.

But don’t be a hypocrite and say things that are obvious lies, case in point.

Berrian seems to be annoyed that people were questioning why he couldn’t play with a groin injury. He drops about 30 tweets on the matter responding to fans and while trying to explain himself.

All that is fine and dandy but then out the blue he says:



You been crying on twitter for an hour straight, but you aren’t venting. You said several times you been “quiet” for too long and now you are speaking out that is the definition of venting.

Just own it, stop trying to sugarcoat it.

You are upset and you took it to twitter, I would be upset to if I was a member of the Vikings.

Nothing to be ashamed.

If you salty, you salty and it is obvious Berrian is Mr. Lowry right now.

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