Vince Carter Hurt …Slipped on Wet Spot

That sounds about right.

Doesn’t take much to put Half Man / Half Hurt down for the count.

There is a running joke that goes like this.

“What is the difference when Vince Carter and Paul Pierce act like they are hurt?

Pierce comes back”.

Here are the details:

Magic coach Stan Van Gundy says Vince Carter injured himself on Saturday night after slipping on a wet spot on the floor at Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte.

Van Gundy was livid when Carter hobbled off the floor with less than two minutes left in regulation and he received a technical foul.

Carter has a sore hip and knee.
We probably won’t see Carter for at least a week.
I will continue to say that you can’t take Orlando seriously as a title contender with Vince Carter on the squad.

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