Vince Young Throws Shoulder Pads at Fans..Fisher Benches Him Permanently

There have been whispers all year about Vince Young’s attitude and work ethic.

I have been cautious to report on it, because there was never anything concrete and when he was healthy he played better than average.

It does appear there was some fire behind that smoke.

There was an incident after the game with the fans and coach Jeff Fisher.  Which has caused Fisher to bench him regardless of injury.  Here are the details:

Fisher said that Young has lost his job and that there are some things that have to be worked through. Fisher said he was told Young threw his shoulder pads and jersey into the stands before leaving the field and that Young said something to him after the game that will be kept private.

Young, whose third-quarter departure was cheered by the Titans fans on hand, dressed quickly and rapidly walked from the locker room and out of LP Field before speaking with the media.

The thing that is curious is Vince might be out for the year with an injury anyway, so Fisher didn’t have to say this, but he made sure he was loud and clear Young was no longer the starter.

This isn’t a physical thing with Vince Young, He has the tools to be a good quarterback in the NFL, this has to do with what is going on inside the head of Vince Young.

I think he has been coddled for so long, he doesn’t know how to handle adversity.

Also his work ethic and dedication to his craft has always been in questioned, he doesn’t seem to get being a franchise quarterback has more to do than what goes on during the game on Sunday.

I believe the Titans have protected him and kept a lot of things hidden from the media, but now Jeff Fisher feels like it is time to pull the plug.

It is my belief Young needs to be with a different team in 2011, something about him and the Titans just aren’t mixing.


According to Jim Wyatt as Vince Young stormed out of the locker room here is what he had to say to Jeff Fisher who accused him of running out on his teammates.

“I’m not running out on teammates, I’m running out on you”

If Fisher is the head coach of the Titans next year, Vince Young won’t be the quarterback.


Vince decided to take his thoughts to twitter.

First off throwing out the “God” shield is weak and shows his immaturity.

Instead of saying sorry to his teammates on twitter how about saying it to their face as oppose to running out of the locker room like a girl who just found out there was no more Twilight movies.

Point is his time in Tennessee is over, he needs a fresh start somewhere else.

16 thoughts on “Vince Young Throws Shoulder Pads at Fans..Fisher Benches Him Permanently

  • Vince young should retire immediately ,no one is gonno pick him up if the titans cut him,this guy has a fragile mind,he a cry baby for real.

  • Vince Young needs to be with a team and coaching staff that can develop him as a QB, similar to what Reid has done for Vick in Philly. Of course that also means a complete attitude change from Young's end, which won't happen until he gets cut or traded.

  • Andy Reid didn't develop Michael Vick – Michael Vick was a solid quarterback before, when he admittedly didn't even try. Vick had all the tools to be a great quarterback.

    Young needs to grow up and learn that not everyone is going to like him and when he plays bad, don't wave your arms up and down for the boos at your home field to get louder.

    • Mike Vick was hardly a "solid" QB even though he wasn't trash either. But I stand by what I said about Andy Reid. He coached him up and combined with the attitude change, Vick finally looks like a polished NFL QB. If that isn't development, then I don't what is.

      Young needs to be humbled and I think that will happen when he's cut after this year and realizes that no one will be knocking down his door to sign him.


  • fisher messed with this dude so much he doesnt and shouldnt want to be there. why is fisher still there? what he ever won? i wish young was more like T.O. and spoke his mind.

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