“We Can Do it Now” REPLAY Theme Song: Common, Lupe, Jennifer Hudson & NO I.D.

Listen: We Can Do It Now feat: Common, Lupe Fiasco, Jennifer Hudson and NO I.D on the track

In honor of the upcoming REPLAY Season 3 documentary, Gatorade has teamed up with Common, Jennifer Hudson, Lupe Fiasco and No I.D. to create “We Can Do It Now,” an original song inspired by REPLAY. The song is free and available for download at www.replaytheseries.com

Also check out the behind the scenes video featuring the hip hop heavyweights in studio.

The REPLAY documentary featuring two South Side Chicago basketball teams is set to debut November 7 on FSN

Here is some bonus material of Ted Chung, President of Doggystyle Records receiving a gift from Gatorade:

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