Albert Haynesworth On If He Came To Practice Hungover: “It’s BS”

The Redskins have more rumors floated to the media than “wikileaks”.  A lot of those leaks come from management trying to make a player look bad.

Albert Haynesworth maybe a lot of things, but coming to practice hungover? That would be the ultimate disrespect, not just to his coaches and organization but his teammates.

Here are the details and how Haynesworth addressed the rumors:

Several team sources tell me that Haynesworth went out Thurs and showed up late friday, missed a team meeting & appeared 2 be “hungover” … Haynesworth calls story total bs.

“I went out on Thursday but left early because I wasn’t feeling good, and then went home … For these people to try to make up lies to try to make me look bad, I think they’re cowards … If they have something to say they should say it to me and not to the media … Be a man. If you got something to say to me then you come say it to my face … We’re not little girls or anything.”

Haynesworth doesn’t deny that he went out, so at least he wasn’t trying to hide it.  Some would argue it was the alcohol that made him sick, but you can’t know that for sure. I have went out before not feeling well and called it a short night.

Haynesworth does have a point—if there are people within the Redskins organization that felt Haynesworth was sick because he drank too much Ciroc, they should have addressed it with him not the media.

Because Haynesworth already has a shaky reputation, it is easy to throw stuff out there and people will automatically believe it. That’s called The T.O. Scapegoat plan.

The truth is somewhere in the middle, but it will be best for Haynesworth and the Redskins to just cut their loses and move on.

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