Albert Haynesworth Suspended For the Rest of the Season By Redskins

Haynesworth has been T.O.’ed.

The reason the Redskins did this is because they are going to go after Haynesworth’s money.  I guarantee you they have been keeping an in-detailed account of everything Haynesworth has said and done since this off-season.

It will be hard to get the money back, but they are definitely going to try.

The Redskins have suspended defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth without pay for the next four games for “conduct detrimental to the club.”

Coach Mike Shanahan said Haynesworth had informed him Monday, through General Manager Bruce Allen, that he would no longer speak with Shanahan.

Haynesworth,on the flip side, will try to get the money back he will lose for the rest of the season.

While Haynesworth shoulders a lot of the blame for this fiasco, Mike Shanahan deserves just as much.  Everyone in the NFL isn’t Tim Tebow—as a coach, it is your job to deal with the various personalities on your squad and get them on the same page.

Bill Belichick does that. Tony Dungy did that. And most successful coaches figure out a way to get the most out of their players.   Shanahan has proven without John Elway, he is an average head coach at best.

He has screwed around with Donovan McNabb and Haynesworth.  Instead of a being a man and dealing with them one on one, he has played mind games that have failed miserably.

It isn’t always about X’s and O’s— it is about being a leader of men. And right now, who on the Redskins has any trust in Shanahan to lead them into battle without stabbing them in the back?

4 thoughts on “Albert Haynesworth Suspended For the Rest of the Season By Redskins

  • What was Bill Belichick without Tom Brady? Bill Walsh without Montana? Chuck Noll without Bradshaw? Phil Jackson without Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant? Sorry but Coaches are only as great as the players they have so the whole Shanahan isn't a great coach without John Elway babble repeated in the media is lame. That being said I agree that he didn't handle the Haynesworth or Mcnabb situations well at all and it's why the Skins morale has been steadily going down the drain all season.

    • If you think Brady and Montana would have been the same without Belichick and Walsh you are crazy… Also you know how many Championships Jordan and Kobe have without Phil Jackson?


  • There is plenty of blame to go around in this situation, but those who make the decisions (owner Daniel Snyder and head coach Mike Shanahan) have to assume as much or more of the responsibility in how this has played out. Snyder thought that it was a great idea to lavish a defensive tackle with a $100 million deal. Who else in the league would have given or any other defensive tackle that amount of money? No one but Danny Snyder. Shanny comes in. He should be smart enough to know that Haynesworth's greatest asset is a pass-rushing force at DT in a 4-3 scheme. Haynesworth, when of the right mind and motivation, can be as dominant as any D-lineman in the league. Shanny should have known that. What other coach in the league would have thought that it is best to use Albert foolishly as a 3-4 NT? Shanahan, that is who. He is too smart for his own good. Talk radio and other media types will put much of this at the feet of Haynesworth, but this problem goes further and higher.

  • All of this is mentally exhausting. So many mind much money wasted. I wish I could go in there and clean house. Starting with the owner…

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