Allen Iverson: “I Am Very Happy In Istanbul”, But Does He Want Out?

Allen Iverson wants to let you know that since he has Faded to Turkey, he is a very happy man.  He went to Twitter to assure all of his fans and true friends that everything is good in Istanbul and his family are very comfortable.

This is despite reports that he is ready to come back to the states.

Allen Iverson has been criticized for his mediocre performances and the bad results of Besiktas, since the day he arrived and it is rumored that he already mentioned that he wants out.

The “Answer” reportedly expressed his disappointment regarding the chemistry between the club and the fans, yet does somebody really believe that this is the real reason?

So far, Iverson averaged 12.3 points, 1.7 rebounds and 2.3 assists, with a mere 35.4% in 2pointers, in 3 Eurocup games.

Who do you believe?

I will say this: his performance in Turkey is not going to have NBA teams banging down his door.  I am not sure if that is a product of him not being happy, or his game has just fallen off the map.

My suggestion is to just keep collecting those Turkey checks, because he is going to need that money and it isn’t going to come from the NBA.

Unless he is willing to play in the D-League with Mr. Shimmy Ya Girl Antoine Walker.

7 thoughts on “Allen Iverson: “I Am Very Happy In Istanbul”, But Does He Want Out?

  • It's hard to feel sorry for a once great athlete who has his lost $150+ million fortune and his basketball skills are gone except in his mind but I do feel pain for him as I know he can"t live on the poverty level that I have so hopefully his former college coach John Thompson can step in and save his life since he failed at getting him ready for life when he had him as a young man.

  • People tried to help AI, but he decided long ago – nobody could tell him – "Nothin". He was undisciplined, unmotivated and thought the world centered and a revolved around him. I do not feel sorry for him- HE did this to himself. If he is not prepared for life outside of the NBA – thats his fault. he wanted to be a gangsta thug hoopster. – This is what happens to Gangsta Thugs that dont have a plan for themselves outside of the NBA.

    • thank you. Cant blame this on Coach Thompson. Blame on his people in his ear tellin him to trade his Gtown edu for cash. We all knew he wasnt there to matriculate for real anyway. Gettin his ish straight woulda been a bonus.

  • In order to be helped, you have to admit what the problem is. He never thought he was the problem. It has always been others.

  • hey this guy is makin millions.i struggle to put food on my table.who cares if he is happy or not!if he aint he needs to grow up finaly and thank the good lord for his good fortune.

  • he's gettin4 mill in turkey for the next 2 years which is more than I'll make in my lifetime. I think he's ok if he's ONLY down to his last 4 million dollars. Think about it, if he's broke, which he probably isn't–he down to his last 4mil—not so bad

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