Antoine Walker Sued for 5 Million Dollars For Stealing Kevin Jenkins’ Fiancée




I know in America you can sue for pretty much anything, but I didn’t think your girl leaving you for a Shimmy Walker was something you could go to court over.

I guess I was wrong:

Walker — who last played in the NBA in 2008 — is accused of putting the moves on an engaged woman a few months ago … and then laughing at her jilted man when she dumped his ass.

It’s all in a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Chicago — in which Kevin Jenkins says he actually caught his lady having “an intimate moment” with Walker back in October — but when he approached the two, “Mr. Walker taunted and laughed at Jenkins with the intent of causing him emotional distress.”

Jenkins claims he became such an emotional basketcase afterward, he thought about killing himself.

Now, he wants Antoine to fork over $5,000,000 for ruining his life

If your woman leaves you for Antoine Walker, you have failed on so many levels— the male species should sue Mr. Jenkins for being so Moist. I don’t believe he was so distraught he was going to kill himself, if it was Lebron James and he was a Cavs fan maybe, but not over Antoine Walker.

Who is his lawyer?

Jackie Chiles

Does this make Walker the Trey Songz of the D-League Mr. Steal Ya Girl?

Obviously Mr. Jenkins doesn’t read BSO or he would know that it is more likely that I have five million dollars stashed away somewhere than Antoine Walker.

Maybe Walker can sue Ocho Cinco for taking his Basketball Almost Wife? Actually he probably is paying Ocho just to keep Evelyn away from him and what little money he has left.

Shimmy on Antoine..Shimmy on

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  1. "If your woman leaves you for Antoine Walker, you have failed on so many levels— the male species should sue Mr. Jenkins for being so Moist."

    LMAO – and he wonders why she left him in the first place. As Chad would say… "Chile Please"

  2. I AM Kevin Jenkins!!! If you read the law suite u would understand the basis of my law suite……! This man showed up to MY house at 5:46am!!!!! Parked downstairs! For real he should be happy I’m settling this in court and NOT the street!!!!!!!!! You can loose ur life going to another mans house! “much less” INSIDE another mans house!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Damn Antoine, yo dumn ass broke now, and your new lady must not read,or she'd know you ain't got it. Well if she was tradin for $$ and left the love, she a dumn lonely fine thang, guess she'll wait for the next money train to pull in, seems thats what she all about. (if she ain't too woe out waiting)

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