Braylon Edwards: “The Patriots Ran Up The Score on Us”

I present to you the brilliance of Braylon Edwards:

“They embarrassed us on purpose,” Edwards said, according to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “I don’t want to say that they ran it up, but at the end of the day, they ran it up,”

I think mentally there is something wrong with Braylon Edwards—I don’t know it is because he went to Michigan or the Beard is actually a living organism controlling his mind.

He doesn’t think before he speaks. He is like Lebron, but with 87% less talent.

This isn’t college and the Jets are the biggest trash talking team in the NFL, so when teams get an opportunity to humble them they will. Why wouldn’t the Patriots want to embarrass them, they are their heated rivalry. What were they supposed to do, give them all Uggs for Christmas?

Braylon should concentrate more on catching passes (several drops on Monday night), less about the Dougie and trying to impress Rihanna with $10,000 bottles of champagne only to be laughed at. He is doing a great job of embarrassing himself without the help of the Patriots.

I would not be shocked if Edwards and Roy Williams are long lost brothers. Can someone get Maury on the phone for the DNA test?

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  • Maybe if NE embarrassed them accidentally, the loss would have been easier to swallow…like that Hard Knockwurst sandwich they've been eating all season.

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