Breaking News: Larry Brown Steps Down As Coach of Bobcats

Multiple outlets are reporting that Larry Brown has stepped down as coach of Charlotte Bobcats.

With Larry Brown’s history this shouldn’t be a surprise— but it does come out of the blue.  There has been no indication that he was thinking about leaving the position.  With Larry Brown, his emotions are always all over the place and don’t be surprised when his name comes up for other coaching positions immediately.

Michael Jordan will now have to find a new coach in mid-season to coach his team.

Wonder will he consider going down to the sidelines himself?  I don’t think so, because that would cut into his casino time.  A few of the names we are hearing are Mike Brown, Paul Silas, Mark Jackson, Mike Dunleavy, Sr. and Mike Woodson as potential candidates.

Here is the statement from MJ:

“Larry will continue to be a valuable adviser to me regarding the team. The search for a successor will begin immediately,” Jordan said.

Here are more details from on way Brown decided to walk away:

Brown was unhappy with the cost-cutting trade that packaged center Tyson Chandler to Dallas for the non-guaranteed contract of Erick Dampier, who was then waived by Charlotte.

Another source of contention was the departure of point guard Raymond Felton. Though Brown wasn’t a big fan, he didn’t want to see Felton leave as a free agent unless he was replaced by a full-time starter. But the Bobcats have been unable to afford replacements at either position. In the meantime Felton has put up All-Star numbers for the surprising Knicks, while Chandler has galvanized the Mavericks’ defense to raise their championship hopes.

It appears like most people that Brown was not happy with Michael Jordan the GM. It has been said that Jordan is cutting payroll to prepare for new collective bargaining agreement.

Is it a coincidence that both Felton and Chandler have played much better without Brown breathing down their necks. Brown has told people he will be coaching again, so if you are a current coach on the hot seat, you have been warned.

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