Brett Favre is Out..The Joe Webb Era Begins for the Vikings

I have a working theory that Favre is trying to hang on so he can play in the final regular season game to get all the fawning and attention that is like a drug to him.

Until then, the Joe Webb era starts. And if you are like “Joe Who?”, let me give you some background on him.

Webb was a multi-purpose quarterback at UAB, a very good one at that.

For his career, Webb had 5,771 passing yards and 2,774 rushing yards for a total of 8,545 offensive yards. Webb also registered 37 passing touchdowns, 24 rushing touchdowns and four receiving scores.

Even with those numbers, he was not invited to the NFL Combine.

On his pro day, he worked out as a receiver and impressed NFL scouts. He was then drafted by the Vikings in the 6th round.

During training camp the Vikings were impressed with his quarterback skills and turned him back into a QB full time.

He has a big time arm and is a very athletic quarterback. I would say he has better throwing mechanics than say Tim Tebow.

With that being said, his first start will not be in ideal conditions. The Vikings will be playing at the Minnesota Gophers outdoor stadium which is frozen and the temperatures are expected to be in the single digits when he plays against the Bears.

But when you have an opportunity, you have to take advantage of it. And this is Webb’s showcase to prove to people he can be a quarterback in the NFL.