Bucks Brandon Jennings Out 4-6 Weeks With Broken Foot

Now Jennings has more time to trying to break the chasity belt of Teyana Taylor.

Don’t know what it is about these young guards, but they seem to be injury plagued.  John Wall, Brandon Roy and now Jennings.

Jennings broke the long bone on the outside of his left foot that connects to the little toe, one of the most common bones to break in the foot. He earlier said he first felt pain in a loss to San Antonio, but kept playing and also played 30 minutes against the Jazz.

“I think it shows you a lot about Brandon, the people who haven’t had a chance to watch him in his first year and a quarter, I don’t think anyone is going to question his competitive spirit,” Hammond said.

Tough kid to be playing with a broken bone in his foot. The Bucks were considered a bit of a sleeper team, but have not gotten off to the start they hoped for.

This will not help, but we hope that Jennings come back fully healthy for a playoff run for the Bucks.

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