Channing Crowder on NFL MVP: “Should Be Vick, but They’ll Give it to Brady”


Channing Crowder, the very average Dolphins linebacker who always have a lot to say, was asked his thoughts on who he thought should be the NFL MVP award.

Shockingly he knew what MVP meant and here is what he had to say.

“Everybody knows it should be Michael Vick, but they’re going to let Brady win it because it’s Tom Brady,” Crowder told FanHouse. “You’ve got to go with Vick. Vick’s my dude.”

I must not be included in everybody since I think Tom Brady is pretty clearly the NFL MVP with Michael Vick a clear 2nd place.  Normally when you say things like “that’s my dude” your opinions can’t be seen as unbiased.

I do know everybody thinks Channing Crowder’s quotes are 10x better than his production.

He is the new Joey Porter of the league except that Joey Porter was a much better player.


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