Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Undergoes Emergency Appendectomy

When I was in 8th grade, I saved my best friend’s life even though he denies it.

He was having stomach pains, but refused to tell the nurse because he didn’t want to miss the flag football game we had scheduled after lunch. But being the good friend that I was, I told the nurse.

The nurse did some checking, called an ambulance and two hours later they were taking out his appendix out.  The appendix was close to rupturing, which could have killed him.

What does this have to do with Matt Cassel? Nothing really— I just hope my former best friend is reading, so he knows he owes me:

Kansas City quarterback Matt Cassel underwent an appendectomy on Wednesday.

The Chiefs at first refused to say why he was not at practice, then said he had a successful appendectomy and would return to work this week.

The Chiefs play at San Diego in a key AFC West game on Sunday. The Chiefs have not indicated whether they hope to have Cassel available for the game.