Chiefs RB Jamal Charles Cashing In..Five Years 32.5 Million, 13 Mill Guaranteed


I think the hardest position to get paid in the NFL is running back.

Your best years are normally under your rookie contract and unless you were a high pick, you will outperform it (see Titans RB Chris Johnson).

By the time your contract is due for an extension, teams are already looking to replace you. So this deal for Jamal Charles is excellent, considering he has only been an elite back for a year and half.

He is still in a time share with Thomas Jones in Kansas City, but the Chiefs have rewarded him with a very good deal for a running back.  As long that 13 million guaranteed is legit, it is safe to assume that at minimum Charles, who is still in his prime, will get the majority of the 32 million dollars if he stays healthy.

Just don’t be like Pacman Jones and buy the Bentley and the Lamb—, because you are always just one knee injury away from hanging out with Mr. Steal Ya Girl Antoine Walker.


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