Cowboys WR Roy Williams Compares Himself to Michael Jordan

I think a mandatory drug test should be administered to Roy Williams immediately.

Then he needs to be drug tested every week in 2011 even after he is cut from the Cowboys, because it is obvious he is on some hard drugs.  Not weed, but crack, cocaine or heroin.

Williams said he finds it “disappointing” that he isn’t getting many passes thrown his way, and said, “I have no idea” why that’s the case. And then he made the comparison.

“I just try to play the game,” Williams said. “I just think if Michael Jordan is hot you keep feeding him the ball.”

He also blamed Jason Garrett for his lack of production saying that the “coordinators” can make whoever they want a star.

Williams is delusional and when he is looking for a job this off season I hope teams realize they aren’t getting Michael Jordan they are getting Harold Miner and that is probably an insult to Miner.

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  • This guy is nuts!

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