Daniel “Boobie” Gibson Still Salty At Lebron..Mo Williams Can’t Sleep

Mo Williams couldn’t sleep last night according to his Twitter page.

It’s 5:30am. I still aint closed my eyes. Cleve deserved a win tonight. We let u down. But know that our hearts was out there also.LOVE YALL

Assistant coaches were cursing out Lebron.

And you know Boobie Gibson wants the world know he is no Derek Anderson:

“Some things went on last night,” Gibson said, “that I didn’t like.”

“We all know LeBron and we all know that he enjoys being in front of the camera. To say we were fraternizing and being friendly … nobody knows what was said and the things that were said probably could not be repeated right now. We wanted to win the game and those guys brought it to us.”

“I think people, from the outside looking in, might say we were laughing and joking with him, but if you could hear the things that were said, you would know that wasn’t the case,” Gibson said. “There was nothing friendly about the conversation we had.”

There only person that is laughing today is Lebron James.

The Cavs players should be salty about their pathetic performance they put on last night.  You don’t let a grown man come into your house, sleep with your wife while you just watch and pout.

Lebron was hitting from the back just cheesing, hairline receding more with each jump shot stroke— then he left you holding the baby.

Boobie Gibson better hope Lebron doesn’t run into Keyshia Cole while he in South Beach, The King might Antoine Walker his girl.

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