Derek Jeter On the Verge of Signing 3 Year Deal Worth 15-17 Million a Year


You didn’t really think you were going to see Derek JeterĀ  in any other uniform besides Yankees pinstripes did you?

Baseball and NBA players get over on contracts, while NFL players even though their league is the most popular, are the least paid and don’t get their contracts guaranteed.

Funny how that works:

The Yankees and shortstop Derek Jeter were on the verge of agreeing to a contract Saturday that would guarantee him $15 million to $17 million a year for three years and include an option for a fourth year, according to a person in baseball briefed on the matter.

This is Derek Jeter’s 401k retirement deal.

I personally wouldn’t have paid him that much, but the loyalty factor is high. It is the Yankees, and they got Money to Blow like they were signed to Cash Money Records.


  1. I think a 3-year deal is more than satisfactory for Jeter. No way he was going to eclipse the $20 million mark. He needs to come to an agreement ASAP.

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