Donovan McNabb Speaks: “I Felt Disrespect, But I Want to Comeback”

The reason Donovan McNabb wants to come back is simple.

If he is on the Redskins roster in 2011, he will pocket about ten million dollars and there is no way he is getting ten million dollars from anyone on the open market.

But here is what DMac had to say:

Donovan McNabb says he felt “disrespected” by the way he was benched by Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan.

Speaking on his weekly radio show on ESPN980, McNabb says he should have been informed earlier last week. Shanahan waited until Thursday afternoon to tell McNabb that Rex Grossman would start at quarterback Sunday at Dallas as well as for the rest of the season.

McNabb strongly disagrees with Shanahan’s move. Still, McNabb says he wants to return to the Redskins next season.

A lot of people want McNabb to go postal for once in his career, but that just isn’t his style. His ability to keep his emotions in check is what has allowed him to make over 100 million dollars during his NFL career.

It is a catch 22 situation— we say we want McNabb to speak his mind, but you see how that has affected Randy Moss and Terrell Owens’ career.

His attempts to be tactful and a company man his worked for him and he will probably dupe one more team into a good contract when he is cut, just not a ten million dollar one.

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  • Is Arizona next? or is it Carolina?

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