Glen Big Baby Davis Dougie Interrupted By Medicine Ball To The Head


Just imagine if every time an athlete broke out with the Dougie we could just slam a medicine ball into their head.  Do you think that would cut down on the dancing?

I would volunteer myself as commissionaire of the Dougie Prevention Organization of American and maybe Canada.

The DPOAC would be in charge of instituting swift justice to any athlete doing the Dougie.

The Celtics had a 1 PM start against the Nets, and Glen Davis was trying to prepare like he would for any other game: by doing his pre-game Dougie. Unfortunately, Boston teammate Marquis Daniels did not take his own pre-game preparation as seriously as Big Baby did, and lost control of a medicine ball he was tossing. That medicine ball found its way to Big Baby’s head.

“That hurt,” Davis said. “I’m doing my routine, doing my little Dougie dance, and he hit me in the head. But he woke me up though. It was an early game. I needed something like that.”

My theory is Marquis Daniels did it on purpose even though he will never admit it.

It didn’t effect Big Baby much as he dropped 16 and 9 against the Nets. Meaning that we will probably be seeing more Dougie in the future, but the DPOAC will be on the look out.


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