If the Redskins Make Donovan McNabb Inactive, He Will Lose 93k

If you are Donovan McNabb and you are sitting at home this evening, you have to be thinking to yourself:

“I am 3rd string behind by John Beck and Rex M********* Grossman.”

On top of that, if the Redskins really want to do McNabb dirty, that can swindle him out of almost 100k.

The Redskins can derive a potential benefit by putting McNabb at third on the depth chart.  His new contract contains for 2010 up to $250,000 in per-game roster bonuses that become payable if he’s on the active roster.

The Redskins likely will save $31,250 for each game in which McNabb technically is not on the active roster.  That’s a grand total of $93,750.

As the 3rd quarterback, technically he is on the “active” roster, but the Redskins could decide they only want to go with two quarterbacks and make McNabb inactive.

It would be a petty thing to do, but we know that the Redskins aren’t above being petty.

With all the negative press they have received, I don’t think they would do that to McNabb just to save a few bucks. But at this point, no one has any idea what is going on in DC.

2 thoughts on “If the Redskins Make Donovan McNabb Inactive, He Will Lose 93k

  • Again I have to say all of this seems petty but I think they lost respect because they are aware that McNabb throws games or should I say he does not play up to his skill level consistently when it really counts. Yeah I know I sound like I should be on the Jesse Ventura show but if you review the last two minutes of that superbowl Donovan was in you'll say… WTF?? And can somebody tell me why the Eagles despise Jeff Garcia so much?

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