Jeff Fisher: “Locker Room Better Without Vince Young”

Considering that Jeff Fisher has said many times that he disagrees with the way Young handles himself, he himself has been very unprofessional with his comments lately.

We understand that VY has some growing up to do and has made some suspect decisions, but constantly throwing him under the bus  is not the proper way for a head coach to handle this.

Fisher told Steve Mariucci of the NFL Network, “My gut feel is that the locker room is much better because of his actions after the game. There’s no excuse for what he did. I think to a man, most everybody in that locker room would disagree with his actions, and so from that standpoint he’s probably better off not being here. But he’s welcome to come back and rehab.”

Fisher’s gut may say the locker room is better, but the play on the field is definitely worse.

Vince Young may be a lot of things, but when he was on the field, he won more than he lost.  While to be a great quarterback he has to make a lot of changes, Fisher constantly bashing him is not going help anything.

You almost wonder if Fisher is trying to get fired.  He has to know the owner is in Vince Young’s corner, so these comments aren’t doing anything to help Fisher’s case to come back as coach.

The same advice Fisher is giving to Young he needs to take himself, grow up.

2 thoughts on “Jeff Fisher: “Locker Room Better Without Vince Young”

  • I keep trying to tell people while Vince Young has faults, some of the responsibility has to fall in the hands of Jeff Fisher. I guess it's society's view that your superior is always right. The boss can be a jerk too.

  • I think Fisher wants out

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