Jenn Sterger: “Brett Favre Asked Me For a Self Pleasuring Video”

Sterger has nothing to lose at this point so she is just leaking information to hopefully get public opinion in her favor.  At this point it doesn’t matter— most people don’t care or are indifferent to the situation.

People just want Favre to go away and anything concerning him to disappear as well, including Sterger.

The former NY Jets employee who allegedly received penis photos from Brett Favre also claims she got a text message from the NFL legend … in which he asks her for a video of her masturbating — this according to sources connected to the investigation.

If you can unhook from the Matrix, you will understand if someone is sending package pics, it wouldn’t be unusual for them to ask for video.

The point that Sterger doesn’t seem to understand is no one is questioning that Favre is a freak— people are questioning why it took Deadspin exposing it before she started screaming harassment.

It is a weak argument. You weren’t offended when it first happened, but now that money is involved you are playing the victim.

It is transparent and people see right through it.

9 thoughts on “Jenn Sterger: “Brett Favre Asked Me For a Self Pleasuring Video”

  • She needs to stop the bullshit and do a playboy spread……unless she has pics and/or video of her and Farve fucking nobody gives a damn. She needs to put that fine ass body to use and get naked for the camera……

    • She already did playboy I wasn't that impressed.

  • LOLOL I wanna see too

  • Who hasn't asked her for a "self pleasuring video?"

    • I would bet she has sent a few pics and vids in her day.

  • why is this news? i have an entire library of vids like that.. i'm quite sure she's sent some to someone. brett just wanted his turn. i ain't mad at him.

    • I agree if he is already sending pics of course he wants something back

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