Jenn Sterger on Brett Favre: “I Have More Photos & I’ll Go Public”

Jenn Sterger is playing high stakes poker with Brett Favre and is losing every hand.

Favre wouldn’t pay her for her silence and it appears the NFL is going to let Favre slide.  Sterger has a whole bunch of legal fees and no money coming in, so she is threatening to go all in and release everything in a desperate attempt to get Favre to pay her off.

If the NFL doesn’t come down on Brett Favre for his alleged sexting scandal — his accuser might go public with an “overabundance of evidence” … this according to her manager.

Sterger’s manager, Phil Reese, believes she “provided extensive evidence that irrefutably proves there was harassment” — and adds, “No matter what happens Jenn has all legal remedies, including going public … if the NFL doesn’t clear her name.”

Sterger’s camp insists she has more evidence than the photos that have already come out. Reese adds, “We sincerely hope the league does the right thing.”

As a long time poker player, it is my belief that Miss Sterger and her representatives are bluffing. If they truly had a smoking gun, the NFL would have suspended Favre or Favre would have handed over the “straight cash homie”.

At this point, she just needs to Fade to Turkey with Allen Iverson—the story isn’t interesting anymore and her 15 minutes of fame is at 14:59.

7 thoughts on “Jenn Sterger on Brett Favre: “I Have More Photos & I’ll Go Public”

  • I really don't understand this chick. If she was truly harassed and wanted it to end, just go to his wife or his agent.. What is her motivation?

  • This means that her own "leaked", lil sex tape will be appearing on WSHH soon.

    • I think she smarter than the WSHH chicks. We will see.

  • Ok this bitch need to stop this nonsense,she wasnt harrassed,people who were harrassed will do everything in their power to make this go away,but this bitch keep coming up with rubbish,someone tell this slut that no one cares about her,she should go and do porn cuz all she's good for in this society is getting fucked and dumped.cum guzzling hoe.she makes me sick..

  • i look forward to the sex tape….she is smokin! Alas, I agree w. my fav blogger Robert. This trainwreck as got to just go away. This is a vail threat from Sterger and quite frankly i just don't care. Let Favre limp and whine into the sunset starting the last of the pointless games with the Vikings and move on!

  • sorry for the language but what's up with all these ho's having direct contact these days?? Jenn please go back to the drawing board. I look forward to that sex tape too.

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