Jenn Sterger’s Dad Leo: “I Better Not See Brett Favre in Dark Alley”

I have a memo to Sterger’s dad.


I have a daughter, so I understand as a father regardless of the situation you want to protect your “little girl”, but this isn’t a Ben Roethlisberger situation.

Jenn Sterger’s has used her “assets” to get ahead in life.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and I am not judging her, but when you use your sexuality as a way to get into a business don’t be shocked when men see you as a sexual object.

“I better not meet that guy walking down a dark alley,” Leo Sterger said, expressing anger that the NFL chose not to suspend the Vikings quarterback for reportedly propositioning Sterger while both were with the Jets in 2008.

“It’s a complete joke the penalty they gave him,” Leo Sterger said. “Their decision is a complete travesty to women and they are just treating him this way because he is the NFL’s golden boy. As a father I am absolutely furious.”

You can’t say it is a travesty to women when you daughter got all of her jobs because of her breasts. No need to sugarcoated the main reason she got any of her positions in sports media was because of her looks. She isn’t Rosa Parks or Billy Jean King.

Leo Sterger needs to come off his high horse.

Your daughter Leo, accepted those Favre pictures and giggle with her girlfriends about it. Did she ever come to you and say:

“Dad, Brett Favre is violating my Halo.”

I doubt it, similar to the way I doubt if Leo Sterger saw Favre he would do anything except ask him to sign his glove.

Smarten Up Nas.

4 thoughts on “Jenn Sterger’s Dad Leo: “I Better Not See Brett Favre in Dark Alley”

  • Some one have a problem with Bret showing his MyMy ?

    Her Father should stop watching his Daughter naked in those magazine.

  • Brett routinely gets hit by 300lb men. There isn't much that Leo could do.

  • If Leo saw Farve in a dark alley either he would drop on his knees and worship Farve or ask for his autograph….keep it real Leo…your old ass wouldn't do squat to Farve……dream on….lol

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