Jim Gray Was Paid 500k To Host The Lebron “Decision” Special?

Sports By Brooks has all the gory details if you are interested in seeing a breakdown of how the money was allocated  to ESPN, Gray, the Boys and Girls club and Lebron’s team.

My question is thi—, if these reports are correct:


I could see if Prince was going to host the “Decision” special even maybe Justin Bieber, but 500k for Jim Gray?

This Jim Gray?

You talk about wasted money— I would have done it for some Popeyes buffet coupons and been 100x more entertaining than Jim Gray.

With that being said, that was a shrewd business move by him to sucker Lebron’s team out of a half a million dollars, for less than 60 minutes of work.

Granted it wasn’t Lebron’s money, but that 500k could have went to saving King James hairline.

Who knew Jim Gray was a pimp?

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