Kim Kardashian Twitter Campaign Against Kobe Bryant and Turkish Airlines

The short version of this beef breaks down like this:

Kobe Bryant wanted some extra cash, so he accepted a contract to be the face of Turkish Airlines.

People are up in arms because of some of the political things going on with Turks and Armenians.

Armenian groups argue that the Turks committed genocide beginning in 1915, when more than one million Armenians were killed.

Kim Kardashian is Armenian and her sister Khloe is married to Kobe’s teammate Lamar Odom. As you can imagine there was a bit of friction over Kobe’s decision. Here is what happened next:

Kim Kardashian has launched a new campaign on Twitter against the well- known basketball player Kobe Bryant, urging him to refuse to enter into a 2-year contract under which the star will be advertising “Turkish Airlines”

According to the Turkish Sabah, Kobe told Kim that he signed a business contract and it is not political, and is not going to call it off. To resolve this issue, Kardashian turned to her sister’s husband Lamar Odom, who is Kobe’s teammate.

As reported earlier, about 2 weeks ago Kim Kardashian launched a campaign on Twitter, urging everyone to call the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, demanding to include the resolution number 252, condemning the Armenian Genocide.

I’m not sure exactly what they expect Odom to do and Kobe has basically told everyone to kick rocks.

While I understand what Kimmy is trying to do, you can’t hold Kobe accountable for something that happened in 1915.  Did the Kardashians protest Allen Iverson playing in Turkey?  He will be making as much money as Kobe and he took Turkish Airlines to get there.

The point being is this— business is business and politics are politics.  Kobe isn’t Armenian so it is not his responsibility to take a political stand.  The Kardashians shouldn’t use his name to push their agenda.

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24 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Twitter Campaign Against Kobe Bryant and Turkish Airlines

  • kim is the ass of African-Americans not the face of Armenians

  • Actually, business and politics are not separate. You do recall this thing called South African Boycott against Apartheid? What about Civil Rights bus boycott MLK organized?

    It's ridiculous to say that people should do anything for money with disregard to money. Such an attitude leads to monstrous acts.

    How we make and spend money has an impact.

    As for Kobe, I don't know enough about Turkish Airlines to make a judgement.

  • So should I not work for anybody white because of what happened to MLK Oliver? You know that doesn't make any logical sense.

  • Kim K needs some attention. Last year her big head (and ass!) was all over tv during the saints SB run. Her current crop of boyfriends aint making the cut. She needs to date Tiger Woods next.

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