Kim Kardashian Twitter Campaign Against Kobe Bryant and Turkish Airlines

The short version of this beef breaks down like this:

Kobe Bryant wanted some extra cash, so he accepted a contract to be the face of Turkish Airlines.

People are up in arms because of some of the political things going on with Turks and Armenians.

Armenian groups argue that the Turks committed genocide beginning in 1915, when more than one million Armenians were killed.

Kim Kardashian is Armenian and her sister Khloe is married to Kobe’s teammate Lamar Odom. As you can imagine there was a bit of friction over Kobe’s decision. Here is what happened next:

Kim Kardashian has launched a new campaign on Twitter against the well- known basketball player Kobe Bryant, urging him to refuse to enter into a 2-year contract under which the star will be advertising “Turkish Airlines”

According to the Turkish Sabah, Kobe told Kim that he signed a business contract and it is not political, and is not going to call it off. To resolve this issue, Kardashian turned to her sister’s husband Lamar Odom, who is Kobe’s teammate.

As reported earlier, about 2 weeks ago Kim Kardashian launched a campaign on Twitter, urging everyone to call the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, demanding to include the resolution number 252, condemning the Armenian Genocide.

I’m not sure exactly what they expect Odom to do and Kobe has basically told everyone to kick rocks.

While I understand what Kimmy is trying to do, you can’t hold Kobe accountable for something that happened in 1915.  Did the Kardashians protest Allen Iverson playing in Turkey?  He will be making as much money as Kobe and he took Turkish Airlines to get there.

The point being is this— business is business and politics are politics.  Kobe isn’t Armenian so it is not his responsibility to take a political stand.  The Kardashians shouldn’t use his name to push their agenda.

Now to the pics:

24 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Twitter Campaign Against Kobe Bryant and Turkish Airlines

  • Hi guys. Im Turkish and one thing you have to know is the history. Ottoman did not do anything to Armenians. However, if this thing ends as Armenians want turkey will have to pay billion dollar and give some part of turkey.

    this is what they want. in our history archives and their also american archives its clear. there is not a such genocide!! there was a war armenian killed many turkish people as well. think about it.

  • Kobe is a smart guy and I am sure he will not listen to a chick who grew most of her brain in her ass..

    For the historic note, during world war 1, Armenians did allians with Russians against Ottoman Empire while living in Ottoman land, killed more than 250,000 Turkish villagers and cut supply lines of Ottoman army which caused much more losses on the Ottoman Army due to winter conditions in that area. As a result, Sultan ruled to move all Armenians in the nort east part of Turkey to Southern states. Unfotunately loyal Armenians had to leave their land also because of those traitors. Due to harsh winter conditions in that area, diseases and attacks of the Kurts and thieves on the way, around 400,000 Armenians lost their lives along with the Turkish soldiers and Turkish villagers.. That is war and unfortunately shit happens during war but there is no organized killing of the Armenians during the war by the Turkish military which is why Armenian thesis of genocide is not true. There is no such event in the history of Ottoman Empire who ruled in 3 continents over 500 years. Turkey is willing to open the Ottoman Empire Archives for a committee to analyze the events but Armenia is not. Only this fact should explain the reason of this lie… This lie is the only thing that holds all the Armenians together in the world.. They stick to this lie to be able to stick together because they have nothing else to be proud of other than a big ass bitch showing up in the magazine papers everyday for doing nothing but active "Paris Hilton wanna be"..

  • Robert has a good point.. Kim is just trying to stay popular on Kobe's expense.. Look who else Turkish Airlines sponsor.. Barcelona, Manchester United..

  • Robert,

    That's not what I said and you know it! I addressed economic boycotts being justifiable and used specific examples.

    You, on the other hand, stated that "[t]he point being business is business and politics are politics."

    Thank God MLK didn't follow your belief system otherwise the Selma Bus Boycotts would never have taken place! While you're at it, maybe you should contact the U.S. government and tell it to rescind its economic sanctions against Iran and North Korea because making money is more important than politics!

    Get it? Economic boycotts and sanctions are a legitimate form of protest that have been used by individuals, oppressed minorities, and governments.

    And, really, business and politics go hand in hand.

    Furthermore, I also stated that I could not comment about Turkish Airlines since I didn't have all of the facts to justify any kind of boycott against them.

  • I just want to see the interview where she intelligently discusses the political issues between the Turkish and the Armenians.. but I wont hold my breath….She heard the word Armenian, Kobe, controversy and figured out how to get her 15 minutes out of it.

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