Lebron James The New King of The Miami Heat

People confuse “best player” with “most talented”.

Before people anoint you the best player, you have to prove that you aren’t just a regular season star, but also a post season star.

It is the reason that if their careers ended today, most people would rate Tom Brady over Peyton Manning.

When Lebron James decided to take his talents to South Beach, I didn’t have an issue with it. He wanted and needed help. The one thing that I thought would derail the Heat was that when you have two alpha dogs on a team, they can’t both sit on the throne.

Lebron is an interesting individual and  it is obvious he doesn’t want to do it all alone. He doesn’t want that type of responsibility but his talent is so immense he has become the De Facto leader of the team.

I believe at the beginning of the season, he didn’t want to step on Dwyane Wade’s toes and his game suffered. But then he went back to Cleveland and all that changed.

Lebron has Hulk like tendencies. For a lot of time he is Bruce Banner, but if you get him angry, the Hulk comes out he is scary good.

Since taking the Cavs’ cornbread, he is in full Hulk mode and the Heat have taken off because of it. It doesn’t matter if Wade has won a ring in Miami or that it is his town, if the Heat want a championship in the present, Lebron has to be at the forefront.

Lebron James is the most talented player in the league and the best player on the Heat.

Wade seems to understand this and is falling back into a secondary role.

Lebron may not be quite at serial killer status yet, but he is proving to have one serial killer trait. He is friends with a lot of players in the league and they all like to hang out with the King.

But while Lebron seems to be able to keep stripper hours and still perform, his opponents… not so much.

Take Amare Stoudemire for example, who has been on a rampage lately. He goes out with Lebron, makes it rain on Amber Rose and next thing you know, he is going 11-28 as the Heat blow out the Knicks.

Lebron on the flip side is brilliant with a triple double after late night clubbing.

While all this is great, it the whole scheme of things it doesn’t mean much. It is NBA Finals or bust for The Heat. But they have to ride the Lebron train to Paris to make that happen.

3 thoughts on “Lebron James The New King of The Miami Heat

  • I disagree. In the other 8 games that the Heat have won since the Cavs game on Dec. 2, DWade has been the team's leader. The Heat plays better when he assumes that role. I think both were trying not to step on toes and it made it awkward but overall a big part of this is that DWade has returned to his original game. Cutting to the basket, going inside etc. I don't know who the "King" of the Heat is but Lebron has benefited from a team and management that has held him accountable. I think its still DWade's team

  • Gotta agree with jill. During his stretch, dwayne wade has been their best player outside of the @cavs and @knicks game. Wade is back to his old self.

    A key element to their recent success that is not talked about is the change of mario chalmers getting major minutes at point guard and completely benching eddie house. Chalmers is an elite on ball defender at point guard compared to eddie house being one of the worst. Teams with good point guards were destroying the heat earlier n the year because of this, and their defense has been suffocating since then

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