Leslie Frazier: “Brett Favre Will Start Season Finale if Healthy”

I am going to give Frazier the benefit of the doubt that he only said Favre would start the last game of the season, because he knows” Favre won’t be healthy. Without question Frazier should be retained as the Head Coach of the Vikings.

The players respect him a coach and as a person.

He has the necessary intelligence to manage people as well as understanding Xs and Os.

The only thing that could derail him is if Brett Favre didn’t retire for good. Even if Frazier doesn’t think Favre will be healthy enough to play, I would not put it past Favre to do everything humanly possible to steal the spotlight just one more time.

Joe Webb has played admirably in a situation that hasn’t been ideal. Not saying he is the second coming of Tommy Kramer, but at least he has played his way into the discussion of future quarterback of the Vikings. He is still a rookie and these end of the season snaps are important to his development.

Nothing Favre can do in the last game of the season is going to change his legacy.

Hopefully for once Favre won’t be selfish and do the right thing.

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