Manny Pacquiao to Fight in Vegas May 7th..Shane Mosley Likely Opponent

The majority of boxing fans have no interest in Pacquiao vs. Mosley.

Out of all the possible opponents for Pacquiao, Mosley is probably the easiest opponent.

With that being said, Mosley is the biggest name and that is all that Top Rank cares about at this point. They also can puff their chests out and say Pacquiao isn’t ducking “black fighters”.

We did confirm that last night. We will fight in Las Vegas on May 7 because we have had communications with the cable networks, and they’ve assured us a better time slot,” said Koncz, who, with Top Rank Promotions CEO, Bob Arum, has indicated to FanHouse that Pacquiao’s likely rival will be five-time titlist “Sugar” Shane Mosley.

Most people would prefer a third fight with Juan Manuel Marquez, but Arum claims he wanted to much money. Most people would be curious about how Andre Berto would fair against the Pacman, but Arum says he isn’t a big enough name.

Once again, because of Mayweather’s legal woes and various issues, Pacquiao will probably take on an opponent that isn’t deserving, but will make him the most money.

Maybe we should start calling him Money Pac.

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