Mark Cuban on Nets Owner Mikhail Prokhorov: “He is a P*ssy”


Mark Cuban used to be the hot shot young billionaire owner in the NBA—that is until Mikhail Prokhorov stepped in the building looking like a James Bond villain mixed in with Ric Flair styling and profiling.


Cuban, never one to hold his tongue, had this to say about the about the Nets new owner.

If this turns into anything more than playful teasing from one outspoken NBA owner to another, let it be known that Mark Cuban threw the first punch at Mikhail Prokhorov.

And he started with a haymaker.

He’s a p—y,” Cuban quipped Thursday when asked about Prokhorov.

Cuban, who spoke while on his exercise bike in the Mavericks locker room, lifted his head up to smile, and then continued to verbally jab at the Nets’ new owner.

“(Prokhorov) doesn’t come to games,” Cuban said. “Who the hell knows?”

For all we know, Cuban was just joking. He and Prokhorov could be flying their private jets to a secret location right and entertaining Shaunie O’Neal and Erin Barry in the hot tub.

I think a little owners’ beef is good for business.

Not quite Jay Z and Nas, but amusing nevertheless. If you want some interesting reading check out Mikhail Prokhorov Wikipedia page— straight out of a Jason Bourne movie.


  1. Ok, so I got my glimpse during the photo shoot. The purple jersey (Not sure if ECHL does white at home or the road) has the logo with the text, as you have in the picture at the top of the page. The white jersey just has “Shades” in the sun logo. No shoulder yokes or stripes, but there is a triangular and diagonal mish-mash of teal, purple, and black on the sides and undersides of the arms. The paw in the sun logo is a shoulder patch on both sweaters. The white jersey looked better, in my opinion, because I do not like text on a jersey.

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