Michael Jordan: “I Had Nothing to Do With Lebron James Nike Diss Video”


I never thought Jordan had anything to do with this video, mainly because King James is a Nike Brand—that would be like Raekwon doing a diss record against Ghostface Killah.

Since a lot of people are attached to the Matrix, they just ran with the rumor that MJ masterminded the entire thing.

If you listened to Jordan’s Hall of Fame speech, I can see how some would believe that—but common sense should have told you it had no merit. Here is what Jordan had to say:

Michael Jordan told the AP that the mash-up of his Nike ad and LeBron James‘s Nike ad was not, in fact, a real Nike ad. Quoth His Airness: “I had absolutely nothing to do with it, Nike had absolutely nothing to do with it”.

Jordan also went out of his way to tell us that he knew nothing about the video until one of his kids hipped him to it.

Brilliant job by the creators of the video to get people thinking that it was a real ad.  A lot of fans now only remember the legend of Jordan and have no clue that the Jordan parts of the fake ad was shot many years ago.

Got to love the internet.


  1. Had folks did a little research and click on the person's bio on youtube, they would of figured out that a film student from UNLV edited the two clips together. But folks are too lazy these days.

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