Michael Strahan’s Lady Nicole Murphy Broke? Eddie Murphy Chuckles

Good news for Strahan  he didn’t put a ring on it.

If I was him I would bounce immediately, before she tricks him into marriage and all that Fox NFL Sunday money ends up going to the IRS.

Here are the details:

Eddie Murphy’s ex wife Nicole received a $15 million settlement from her divorce in 2006.  Not only did she spend all of her money, she owes the IRS $846,000 and was forced to put her mansion up for sale. When Nicole decided to divorce Eddie, she opted for the one time payment instead of monthly installments

And the IRS aren’t the only people she owes money to.  Nicole also owes a law firm $600k, $60k to a landscaping firm, and owes $5 mill on her LA home. A friend of Nicole says that she’s in financial trouble because of numerous bad investments she chose to make with her money.

Even Antoine Walker is shaking his head at this.

Never take the lump payment, Eddie Murphy is worth like three hundred million dollars and all you got is fifteen million? Elin Nordegren is like:

“That’s a dumb chick”

Michael Strahan needs to sack this relationship like she was Brett Favre.

13 thoughts on “Michael Strahan’s Lady Nicole Murphy Broke? Eddie Murphy Chuckles

  • Tell my boy Ochocinco to run from that Evelyn chick, Antoine's Walker's used goods and gold digger.

  • Good the b*** got what she deserved…maybe Strahan will wife her silly ass……or she can take that high profile pussy on the street and make dat money….

  • Strahan will get her pregnant within 6 months and she'll be back in bu$ine$$ lol!


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