Mike Shanahan: “Donovan McNabb Welcomed Back Next Year as a Backup”

Can someone mute Shanahan’s mic?

I don’t know if he is just dumb or his fetish is just to annoy players as much as he possibly can.  If you want to bench Donovan McNabb that is fine, but he is now sounding like the Terrell Owens of coaching with the little quips.

Shanahan said he definitely would welcome back McNabb if McNabb were willing to return to the Redskins as a backup “but I’m not sure he would, which I would understand. But I think that’s why we’re talking about hypothetical situations. I don’t think that would happen. But if he was interested in that, obviously, that’d be a possibility.”

If I was McNabb, I would call their bluff and say he wants to come back as the backup while being paid ten million dollars to watch Rex Grossman.

If Shanahan wants to play mind games, so should McNabb.

5 thoughts on “Mike Shanahan: “Donovan McNabb Welcomed Back Next Year as a Backup”

  • 100% agree – it's funny how Shanny is having trouble w.o Terrell Davis and John Elway…

  • Shanahan is a funny dude. What is McNabb gonna do?

    • I would take their money if I was McNabb and chill with my clipboard

  • I agree

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