Mike Shanahan To Bench Donovan McNabb For Rex Grossman?

They have split first team snaps in practice and everyone has come out with their “sources” saying one way or another if McNabb will be keeping the bench warm.

McNabb hasn’t played very well, but a couple of things should be pointed out.

When McNabb was bench for his cardiovascular endurance issues, the Redskins immediately rewarded him with a contract extension and a vote of confidence, so it is safe to assume that was all a bunch of BS just appease McNabb because their real intentions are to get rid of him before the big money kicks in.

Secondly is Rex Grossman a better option?

We are talking about Rex Grossman, not Steve Bono, here are the details:

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports there’s a chance Grossman will start on Sunday at Dallas.  Though Kelli Johnson of CSN Washington cites an unnamed team source who says, “I don’t think that’s true,” we’ve also heard that Grossman could be getting the start but that, at this point, nothing is definite.

It doesn’t matter at this point, the Redskins should just tank and hope they can get Cam Newton and watch Daniel Snyder overpay him too.

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