Mike Singletary Officially Fired..Jim Tomsula Named 49ers Coach for Week 17

Far be it from me to tell an owner how to run their team, but the 49ers could have let Mike Singletary coach the last game. What is the point of firing him now?

Did they just want to embarrass him or did they want some attention for something other than their horrible season.

It is one thing to fire a coach in mid-season to give your team hope, but with one week left in the season, that just tells me that the 49ers are shifting all the blame to Singletary.

He might as well be the Giants punter at this point (actually, no because the punter kept his job).

While Singletary does deserve a good portion of the blame, the entire 49ers franchise including the players are responsible for this debacle of a season.

10 thoughts on “Mike Singletary Officially Fired..Jim Tomsula Named 49ers Coach for Week 17

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