Nate Burleson Guarantees Win For 2-9 Lions over Bears


This is not exactly  Joe Namath or Mark Messier guarantee—it isn’t even a money back guarantee on the Shake Weight, but at least Burleson is looking at the cup half full.

This is the NFL, who knows what will happen on Any Given Sunday?

Burleson puffed his chest out and had this to say:

“Yeah, I said we’re going to win on Sunday,” he said. “We only have five games left and my goal is to finish 7-9. Like I’ve been saying all year, we don’t have a team on our schedule that we can’t beat.”

He might have also been trying to make sure his teammates were as engaged this week as he is in preparing for the 8-3 Bears.

“I am not saying the Chicago Bears aren’t good,” Burleson said. “They are a very good football team. … I am not going to tell you I hope we win or that we’re going to lose in a close battle. Whoever steps onto our home field on Sunday and tries to leave with a victory, I say we’re going to win.”

When I first read the quote here was my reaction:

Even rookie Ndamukong Suh was a taken aback by Burleson’s bold proclamation:

“He guaranteed a victory?” Suh said. “I like to hope so, but you never know. I can’t guarantee it”

There is nothing wrong with being confident, but if the Lions were hoping to catch the Bears sleeping, Burleson’s boasts killed any chance of that happening.

Shouldn’t Calvin Johnson be the one making guarantees?

We will see if Burleson is Nostradamus this Sunday.


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