Nets PF Kris Humphries Hires High Profile Publicist To Handle Kim Kardashian

I am not exactly sure if this is smart or pathetic.

Considering the times I think it is smart of Humphries part.  When you are dating Kim Kardashian, you aren’t just dating the person you are dating the “name” (or the booty depending on how you look at it).

Since only hardcore basketball fans new him before the rumors started he was next contestant on Kimmy’s ballers train it makes sense for him to milk it for all its worth while he can.

Sports By Brooks gives more details behind the thought process behind the move:

Averaging around eight points per game for one of the NBA’s most anonymous teams, Humphries might be the last guy in organized sports who you would think would need a high profile Hollywood publicist.

So why then did he recently hire Liza Anderson, who also reps Eva Longoria, to handle his public relations affairs?

The move immediately paid off handsomely for Humphries , witness that lovely piece you enjoyed in People Magazine this week titled, “Five Things to Know About Kim Kardashian’s New Beau Kris Humphries.

It really shouldn’t be that serious, but alas going into 2011 where twitter beef, DUIs, videos of arguments against Top Flight Security of the world and package pics being sent are now part of our daily news cycle no one should be surprised.

I have to admit Anderson’s work with Eva Longoria has been very good. Most people have taken her side in her messy divorce with Tony Parker, some maybe she can increase Humphries profile. He can at least be as popular as Ray J right?

I hope though Humphries is only paying month to month, because it is just a matter of time before Kimmy shows up at Super Bowl with her preferred NFL player and he will go back to just being an anonymous member of the Nets.

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  • Wow I def have to send you an email about his "high profile publicist"

  • It won't be long before Kim dumps him. Kris is not even a STAR in the NBA. Most people have no idea who he is.

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