Nick Van Exel’s Son Nickey Confesses to the Murder of Bradley Bassey Eyo


Nick Van Exel had a tumultuous NBA career with several NBA teams, most notably the Lakers and Mavericks.

‘Nick the Quick’ was known as an explosive scorer, but also someone with a bad temper. There was never a dull moment with Van Exel— but while he had his run ins on the court, nothing compares to his son confessing to murder.

Nickey Van Exel, son of former Dallas Mavericks player Nick Van Exel, was arrested Wednesday night in connection with a recent murder.

Bradley Bassey Eyo was found shot to death near Lake Ray Hubbard the day after Christmas. Investigators determined he was murdered at a Garland home in the 6900 block of George Brown Drive and his body later dumped at the lake, less than a mile away.

Police said 20-year-old Nickey Van Exel turned himself in Wednesday and confessed to the crime. He’s a neighbor of the victim.

Nickey Van Exel has a million dollar bail set on him. No one knows what the motive was for the crime.

You can only imagine how Nick Van Exel feels about the situation. Hearing your son murdered someone in cold blood the day after Christmas is not the way you want to start 2011.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Eyo family.


Here are a few more details:

Bradley’s father said police told him Nickey claimed it was an accident.

“They were playing with a shotgun, and when it went off on Bradley, he didn’t know what to do, took his body and dumped on the street,” the elder Eyo said.

But Dallas police investigators offer a different scenario.

“If a person is making the assertion this was an accident, you place the body in a vehicle and moved it to a second location, that in itself — coupled with the fact that property is missing — makes this a capital murder,” said Deputy Chief Craig Miller.


  1. Nickey Van Exel is a spoiled, rich, psychopath who should never see the light of day. He is among like-minded “friends” NOW! Stop the insanity of defending a killer. He is no friend and was never a friend to the victim! Friends don’t kill you and dump your body. Love doesn’t look like that!

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