Pics: Bucks Guard Brandon Jennings Has Him a Virgin Teyana Taylor

Young Twitter love is in the air. reports that Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Jennings has found love.

The young lady is named Teyana Taylor, I had never heard of her before, so I went to Wikipedia for answers:

Teyana M.J. Taylor is an American socialite, singer, rapper, choreographer, dancer and actress from Harlem, New York. She is signed to Star Trak Entertainment and is most notable for her debut single, “Google Me”.

I think the term socialite is being used too loosely these days— sort of like the term Baller. Just because you can get an Escalade rental doesn’t make you a Baller, but I digress.

Next I went to YouTube to listen to this “Google Me” song:

It is all good though because it has 1.9 millions views, so whatever she is doing it working. She is an interesting looking girl (what is up with her lips and Drake eyebrows) who claims she is a virgin. In related news, Basketball Wives say it isn’t about the money.

I just have one thing to say to Brandon Jennings:


Enjoy the pics.

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  • I thought this girl looked familiar. She was on an episode of "My Super Sweet 16". Haha. That was a terrible song! I was confused by the record deal until I read that Pharrell is her uncle.

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