Pics: Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Meet For Lunch

Tony Parker looks like a guy who is trying to talk his soon-to-be ex wife out of making their divorce into an episode of Desperate Housewives.

It would be beneficial for Parker that this is handled quietly and discreetly.

In the court of public opinion, he is being portrayed as the bad guy—not because he cheated (that is expected), but because he was Tigerstyling with his teammate’s wife.

TMZ has the scoop and pics:

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria reunited for a lunch date in L.A. on Wednesday.

They met on neutral ground … at a hotel in the L.A. area. Tony was in town because his San Antonio Spurs played the Clippers last night — but based on Eva’s gestures and Tony’s expressions … we’re guessing there was little hoops strategy discussed.

We will see how good Parker’s point guard skills really are. If he can get Longoria to get a divorce quietly and out of the public’s eye, that will be like handing out 20 assists in a game.

I wonder if he goes to Tim Duncan for love advice?

My guess is that would be a negative.

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