Pics: Is Cam Newton’s Real Girlfriend Natalian Carr & Is She Pregnant?


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Earlier in the day, we asked if Jessica O’Neal was Cam Newton’s girlfriend. We added some pics and give Young Cameron some advice.

Immediately after it was posted, I was blasted with emails, bbms, tweets, Facebook messages and etc saying that I had identified the wrong woman.

I was told that Natalian Carr was the real “girlfriend” and it came with a surprised via the BSO email:

Cam Newton does date Black Girls. He had been with this girl Natalian Carr for 4 years. She is a gorgeous rich girl who lives in Atlanta, Ga.

Her dad is a major developer in the city of Atlanta and she hangs amongst the Elite. She recently got engaged to Cam 6 months ago. Then 3 months later she announces she’s pregnant

If true (and who knows at this point what Young Cameron is up to), he did not read my #1 piece of advice for him:


Either way, Young Cameron seems to have pretty good taste in women and likes to sample the 31 flavors. Miss Carr isn’t doing anything to slow down the rumors since she has that awful Sears Photo style pic in her Twitter profile pic (she is pretty girl though).

Hopefully she isn’t pregnant for Newton’s sake and remember Young Cameron.


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