Pics: Is Cam Newton’s Real Girlfriend Natalian Carr & Is She Pregnant?


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Earlier in the day, we asked if Jessica O’Neal was Cam Newton’s girlfriend. We added some pics and give Young Cameron some advice.

Immediately after it was posted, I was blasted with emails, bbms, tweets, Facebook messages and etc saying that I had identified the wrong woman.

I was told that Natalian Carr was the real “girlfriend” and it came with a surprised via the BSO email:

Cam Newton does date Black Girls. He had been with this girl Natalian Carr for 4 years. She is a gorgeous rich girl who lives in Atlanta, Ga.

Her dad is a major developer in the city of Atlanta and she hangs amongst the Elite. She recently got engaged to Cam 6 months ago. Then 3 months later she announces she’s pregnant

If true (and who knows at this point what Young Cameron is up to), he did not read my #1 piece of advice for him:


Either way, Young Cameron seems to have pretty good taste in women and likes to sample the 31 flavors. Miss Carr isn’t doing anything to slow down the rumors since she has that awful Sears Photo style pic in her Twitter profile pic (she is pretty girl though).

Hopefully she isn’t pregnant for Newton’s sake and remember Young Cameron.


26 thoughts on “Pics: Is Cam Newton’s Real Girlfriend Natalian Carr & Is She Pregnant?

  • 8 dollars compared to 25 percent… LMAO
    that should be a T Shirt

  • Natalian is not Cam,s girlfriend. They haven,t seen nor talked to each other in years. Natalian is using Cam,s celebrity to put herself out there. What a desperate girl. She goes to Clark University and she is cute but doesn,t have a brain in her head. Of course, she is the one posting all these lies about her pregnancy and engagement to Cam. Cam has moved on and he can definitely do better. Her parents weren,t married and her dad is not rich.She is a fake.I have known them both for years.The truth be told-stop printing lies.

      • Actually your a lying hater, That is my first cousin and yes most of those things you our saying or Lies…….

        • Well according to the noise she’s married to Cam Newton and has no kids.

  • What a big thighed skank. Cam needs to ditch this Ho and get shown the money.

  • HELLO Dumbasses she does date him , Cam is from Atlanta. And so what if she goes to CAU it's a COLLEGE stupid. And the pregnant part I do not Believe. Charyla you don't know SHIT! I bet your jealous that you don't date him. Charlya you are DESPERATE , and you don't know nothing about her Family hell who do you think you is the DFAC! Noo your not. Your a little groupie so fall back. and Natalian is tooo busy to be publishing stuff. So STFU!

    • I am not sure who this Charyla girls is, but Lauren and the girl who is the friend of Megan, both of you sound foolish. Ask yourselves these questions. Let me get this out of the way, Cam is cute but interested..I got a man. If Cam is with either girl why did he clearly state on more than one occassion that he was "SINGLE and ready to mingle"', he was scene all up on girls at various clubs in Auburn talking all up on females and what not. IF that is your man then why would he do this to you. Megan's friend says Cam and Megan are all in love, really??? Lauren says that Charlya is jealous of Cam and Nat,that they have been together for years and that Charyla is a groupie, really?? I am not really sure if ANY of you know what the HELL you are talking about. Cam coming over getting some does not make him be in love its makes him happy because you GIVE IT TO HIM. Don't be so stupid to believe all these going around about this guy and your friends. They have him in a picture, recent, with a girl named Sasha. The pictures with Cam and Nat are OLD, if you are gonna tell a lie at least give me some recent pictures of the LIE. The picture of her and Cam is maybe a junior or senior picture, you can tell by the hair in the pic. Furthermore, if she is so rich would she disgrace herself by taking a bra and panty shot. To make matters worse she puts them on the net, and those pics are recent of her, but NONE of you and Cam?? Really??? Then on to the best question of all IF THIS IS YOUR MAN, then why have NONE of you been at a Auburn game on TV something, you CLAIM to be his fiance', his premanent girlfriend, what is he hiding you or something for SAFE KEEPING??? LOL!! You people sound silly on here.

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