Pics of Shayne Smith The Security Guard Floyd Mayweather Poked In Face


I mean…..


I respect Top Flight Security of the World, but you ran to the police on Floyd Mayweather for that? If he just wanted Mayweather to pay him off, he is going about it the wrong way.

TMZ obtained these pics — taken moments after private security guard Shayne Smith claimed Floyd poked him in the cheekbone during a parking dispute in the boxer’s private Las Vegas community.

As we previously reported, Smith told police that he placed citations on two of Floyd’s cars — which angered Mayweather so much, that he grabbed one of the citations and slammed it on Smith’s patrol vehicle (pictured above right).

We’re told Smith is still employed by the private security company — but he’s been shifted to a different patrol area to avoid another incident with Floyd.

Floyd can’t be poking people in the face just for some ticket—, that is very soft on his part, especially when he is with 25 bodyguards.

I’ve never heard of anyone getting arrested for a poke in the cheek that caused little to no damage, but when you are a celebrity, the lesson to be learned is keep your hands to yourself.

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  • I just can't see this going anywhere

    Mayweather probably sees how ridiculous this is and how it isnt really making anyone publicly look at him in a bad way….it just makes this guy seem like a baby

    And no court will hit Mayweather with any assault charges with a poke

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